Our History

From the beginning...

Let me introduce you to a history of Riehm Farms and our five generations. My father George, and his father Leonard made the decision in the mid-1950’s to grow the first vegetables on the farm.

In the early 1960’s, cucumbers were harvested for processing and hired migrant labor was used.

In 1965, George expanded the family farm operation to include a half-acre patch of strawberries, but he passed away before the spring harvest. So his wife Anna, and their children harvested the berries and continued to grow strawberries until 1968.



Happened in between...

A deep heritage was preserved by renting the farm to relatives until Anna’s children grew and were able to take over. The second son, John took over the farm in 1978, where he began growing tomatoes and experimented with other vegetable crops. The farm also grows soybeans, corn and hay for the livestock raised by the family. The farm market got it’s start in 1985 when a neighbor encouraged the Riehms’ young sons to put up a table in the front yard offering tomatoes for sale, to earn boy scout badges.

Although she didn't think they would sell, Diane encouraged her children's efforts.  But the tomatoes DID sell. In fact, they sold so well that the boys added peppers to the stand and those sold too.  The produce stand in the front yard grew and the Riehm's decided to build a lean-to onto a building in 1991 to house the produce for sale. A 15' by 15' tent was eventually erected in front of the lean-to to add more space.



                                 To present day...   
Since then, the market has grown to include a wide variety of produce, fresh eggs and cuts of frozen beef and pork from the farm.  Amish cheese and baked goods along with their daughter-in-laws crafts complete the store.  A peppermint stripped 30' x 30' market was built in 2014 so we can open in early May.  Five greenhouses have been erected to extend the season from Spring Flowers to Christmas Adventures. And our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program includes several pick-up sights in NW Ohio.

The Riehm's invite you to relax, step back a little, take advantage of our homegrown produce, meats, Amish cheeses and baked good and enjoy it’s freshness. Be sure and visit us, when you are in our area...maybe you'll catch a glimpse of our oldest son who recently returned to the farm.